How to delete archived emails in Gmail?

Introduction: – Delete archived emails in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most widely use email service providers in the world and most of the users require instant help for better functioning.  As per data fetched by our backend team we have developed an easy solution in case you are looking for ways to delete archived emails in Gmail.

Steps to delete archived emails in Gmail:-

Follow the steps to delete archived emails in Gmail rendered below with graphical representation:-

  • Firstly open chrome or your default browser and paste the command in the search box and click enter. Sign-in if you are already logged in Gmail.


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  • Now, click on the Menu Bar and click on More option.
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  • Click on the  All Mail option available at the left of the home screen. In the All Mail option you will get all mails like it is shown in inbox, archived etc. There is no direct way to filter Archived mail in the All mail. Therefore, you will have to check and delete manually.
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  • You can figure out Archived mail by checking the inbox label, if you are not able to see Inbox label on your Gmail that’s the archived mail.
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  • Once you figured out the archieved email, open the same. 
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  • Now, click on the Delete option available in the above section of the home screen.
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  • You can also select multiple mails at once to delete.
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Wrapping up:- In conclusion, we would like to tell you that this blog covered detailed steps to delete archived emails in Gmail which would help users to delete archive emails. In specific those users who are not aware of Gmail functionality very well.

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Where can I get the archived folder in Gmail?

Gmail does not offer a separate folder, you can see all your archived mail in All mail option which is available in the Menu bar of Gmail.

How long do archived messages stay in Gmail?

Archived emails cannot be deleted without your permission and stay as long as you don’t delete the same.

Is Archived the same as the Delete option?

No, both are different options. The Archive action removes the message from inbox and can bee seen in the All Mail option, that can re-archive whenever you in need. However, delete option deletes the mail after 30 days of deleting.

What is better to do, Archive or delete Gmail?

Both options are useful in different ways, you can use archive option or delete option as per your need. If you just want to temporarily remove an email from your inbox you can use the archive option or if you want to delete an email permanently, you can use the delete option.  

Does deleting emails free up Gmail space?

Yes, deleting mails will help you in saving storage; moreover, it also help your system to perform smoothly. Deleting mails will also help you in avoiding temporary issues, which may arise due to storage problems.

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