How to fix the “Yahoo error 651” issue?

Yahoo error 651 is a runtime problem that occurs in Yahoo Messenger.

Yahoo messenger will display the error when Yahoo fails or crashes during the runtime. 

In addition, we would like to update you that this error is not because of a corrupt script however it is displayed during its run time.

As we all dislike these notifications and getting stuck while chatting; therefore, we have found and laid down the solutions of this issue in a precise manner.

When Yahoo error 651 appears on the home screen?

This error appears without warning, the error can appear anytime while using Yahoo messenger.

Moreover, this error message or other notifications box can appear on the home screen, if you will delay in addressing the issue.

Therefore, it is better to fix it with our guidance right now.

Solution for repairing the issue “Yahoo Error 651”

Close Conflicting Program

Yahoo error 651

If you ahave encountered a trouble while using Yahoo messenger then you have to reassure at first that any other program is not conflicting with Yahoo messenger on the device. 

And the best thing to ensure is to close all programs that you are using with Yahoo messenger at one time and try again, if the issue is resolved then you must uninstall the program which is conflicting with Yahoo messenger.

Reinstall Yahoo Messenger

Yahoo error 651 (1)

There are numerous solutions, which you can perform to resolve the issue; however, it is better to perform the solution in order like the reinstallation process since it fixes all the issues automatically. 

In addition, we have also provided different steps to increase the performance and resolve the error completely; So, perform the remaining steps if the problem still persists after the reinstallation process.

Remove registry entry 

Once, you have removed Yahoo Messenger completely then you have to perform the registry removal step. This part will erase the backup and other related files of the software.

Warning note: Be cautious while performing this steps since the regedit can leave you in a worse situation if you perform it incorrectly.

Steps to remove registry from “regedit” :-

  • Use your keyboard and press Windows + R.
Keyboard Windows + R
  • Now, type regedit in the prompt box and click “OK”.
Yahoo error 651 (3)
  • Now, find the file of the application you have uninstalled. Right-click on the file and click on the “Delete” button.
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Use “Cleanmgr”

Using Cleanmgr will remove junk from the disk and non important data because it creates issues with operating system applications. To ensure how to clean disk junk on your system, follow the below tutorial.

  • Use your keyboard and press Windows + R.
Keyboard Windows + R
  • Now, type cleanmgr.exe in the prompt box and click “OK”.
Yahoo error 651 (5)
  • Select Temporary Internet Files and click on the “OK” option.
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Run Anti Malware Software

Running malware scan occaisionally also resolves many issues automatically, therefore we recommend you to use any malware removal software that is available on your device or update your Windows security and firewall to get rid of Yahoo messenger 651 error. Since it helps you to eliminate malware in your PC by performing malware scans.

  • In order to run a Malware scan search and open any available Malware software on your device and click on the Start button.If any malware is found it would be removed automatically.
Yahoo error 651 (2)

Update drivers

Check your System driver, if the same is not updated then you may face issues. Therefore, you can try the fix mentioned below for resolving the issue. Update or reinstall driver of Window OS for better performance.

  • Press Windows + R.
Keyboard Windows + R
  • Type “Control Panel”.
Auxiliary (1)
  • Now, open “Device Manager” and check on non updated drivers.
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  • Once you check for the non-updated drivers, update the same by clicking the update option as shown below.
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How to know the signs of Yahoo Error 651 on Windows 10?

Many users are searching for the signs of Yahoo Error 651 on Windows 10.

We would like to inform that Yahoo Messenger is not available for Windows 10; however, there is another error code of Windows 10 “error 651 on Windows 10”, which is related to internet connection.

So don’t confuse yourself on the error number 651 as one is for Yahoo messenger and second for Windows 10.

Yahoo error 651:- the error causes application shutdown.

Error 651 on Windows 10:- the error causes internet connectivity issue.

Signs of Yahoo Error 651

Let us understand the signs of Yahoo Error 651 in brief pointers:-

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Frozen Device:- It is observed that many times Yahoo error 651 occurs without warning and it creates issues where PC screen gets frozen or the device gets locked randomly.

PC Crash: – If your PC gets crashed automatically while browsing then it is also the sign of Yahoo error.

PC performance: – If your PC is performing slow after installing any new application then there is an application that prevents your system from running smoothly probably reflecting Yahoo error 651.

Wrapping up: – The information present in the blog is enriched with the solutions, we have also clarified that the similar error code 651 is used for Windows and Yahoo messenger issues. However, both problems are different and on different platforms like Error 651 refers to Windows 10, the internet connectivity issue while Yahoo Error 651 is an issue that prevents PCs from performing smoothly.

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Is Yahoo Error 651 and Error 651 in Windows 10 the same error?

No, both errors are different errors; however, both errors refer with the same numeric code 651.

How to fix Yahoo messenger 651 error?

To fix Yahoo error 651, you can use the provided solutions.
1. Reinstall Yahoo Messenger,
2. Cleaning Disk Junk, 
3. Update Windows OS driver, 
4. Scanning Malware.

Can I fix Error 651 in Windows 10?

The error 651 numeric code in Windows 10 is related to internet connectivity, you can use these solutions:-
1. Test internet connection with different devices.
2. Try to connect with a different internet connection.
3. Check hardware like loose cables and power cable.
4. Reboot the modem and router.
5. Restart the computer.

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